This site serves as a supplement to the primary game site: SFIntel.space, a collaborative writing RPG set in the Star Trek universe. The posts found here are history of the various characters who are featured within the game, as well as mission logs from previous games they were used in. This site is considered soft canon for the most part, with logs posted from other games considered AU.


This site follows the same rules as the primary game (where applicable), which are located at SFIntel.space/main/rules with the following additions:

  1. Any reposted logs from previous games must have the permission of all writers who had participated in them before being posted here. If you can’t track down even one of the other participants, you can not repost it.
  2. There is no activity requirement, but your ability to be post may be removed if you are unable to maintain your activity obligations in the main game without discussing it with the command team first.
  3. Comments are disabled, please join us on Discord or tweet at us if you want to respond to any of these logs.